Friday, August 22, 2014

Example Despegar


For Despegar, we created banners that can show, for the same banner, a flight offer, a hotel offer, or a car rental offer, every time they are shown: 

Whenever an Ad Network shows the banner, it generates a request to GroovinAds decisions engine.

GroovinAds identifies the user and determines, in first place if the user has been to Despegar's webpage in the past (Re-Targeting Segment) or not (Open Segment), and displays an offer that will maximize clicks and conversions:

1  For users in the Re-Targeting Segment, GroovinAds will show an offer according to their interests, in combination with Despegar's internal rules.

 For users in the Open Segment, GroovinAds analyzes the user's location, the host on which the ad is printed, the context and semantics of the page, how many times the user has viewed the banner, trends of time and day, offer performance, etc., and shows the offer most likely to generate clicks and conversions.

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