Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Optimization depending on Business Model

Every time an ad is shown by the Ad Network, it generates a request to GroovinAds Decisions Engine. GroovinAds uses complex probability and statistics equations to choose the offers and or designs that will be show, identifying each user. The engine determines if the user has been to Advertiser site in the past (Re-Targeting Segment) or not (Prospecting Segment), and optimizes those segments according to:

1.       Re-Targeting Segment: GroovinAds will show an offer according to the users' interests, in combination with Advertiser's business model and internal rules.

2.       Prospecting Segment: GroovinAds analyzes the user's location, the host on which the ad is printed, the context and semantics of the page, how many times the user has viewed the banner, trends of time and day, offer performance, etc., and shows the offer most likely to generate clicks and conversions depending on the Advertisers business model.

The CTR and conversions increase as the engine collects data, since the learning is dynamic and will adjust to behavior of the users who view and click on the banners, presenting a learning curve.

Each Advertiser has different rules that help optimize their display campaigns. In addition to specific internal rules, there are also general rules that depend on the Advertiser's Business Model.

The optimization of flight offers is not the same as the optimization of lodging offers. Or, the optimization of car campaigns is not the same as appliances campaigns. Each business has general rules that improve their performance, that would not be useful to a different business.

Inside GroovinAds Platform the Advertiser integrates their offers feed and, for every feed they add, they must choose a Business Model. This will:

         Determine the fields that suit the Advertisers' offers.
         Determine the dynamic information that can be displayed in the ads for each offer (landing page, image, title, price, description, country where it will run, etc)
         Define the best segmentation criteria for the campaign, that will be taken into account by GroovinAds decision engine.

Some segmentation parameters differ according to the Business Models. For the Prospecting Segment, some examples are:

These rules combine with the other segmentation criteria in the equations that GroovinAds Decisions Engine uses, resulting in the best set of products that will be shown in each banner impression, to maximize clicks and conversions.

It is a huge step to be able to use technology to optimize segments that previously needed a lot of manual work and arbitrary decisions, that not always went hand in hand with the users' preferences. This technology achieves a remarkable performance boost!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Rich Media Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) available for all type of devices

GroovinAds and Spark Flow announce the integration of their platforms to provide a powerful solution that combines the best of both technologies in an effective and simple way.

DCO + Rich Media
September 8 2014, BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA. GroovinAds and Spark Flow, two technology companies applied to digital marketing, leaders in Latin America, have integrated their respective products to deliver the first multi-screen rich media creative optimization solution for the region. Aligned in the vision of enriching and simplifying online advertising through technology, the result is high impact interactive experiences that are intelligently customized in real time for each user.

"We are very excited about this integration, we consider it a highly innovative and industry disruptive contribution, not only for its functionality but also for its ease of use", said Sebastian Miret, Product Manager and Co-Founder of Spark Flow. "Getting the right message and showing it in the best way possible, regardless of the user's device, remains the biggest challenge for advertisers and agencies. This product makes it feasible and does it very well."

GroovinAds technology allows, starting from the the advertiser's products feed, to optimize offers in real time considering user-specific information, re-targeting, context, geolocation and dozens of variables ranging from product category to the time of day and day of the week. Spark Flow, through its Studio tool, facilitates the creation of interactive ads HTML5 that work in all types of operating system and browser, in web and social networks and within apps. Formats ranging from layers and expendables, to full screen experiences for smartphones, tablets and desktop and can also be used in programmatic buying.

"Every day we are amazed further and further with how technology integrates with creativity, to allow for things that were impossible dreams before", says Jose Minich, CTO and Co-Founder of GroovinAds. "Optimizing the offers that are displayed to users in real time, already seemed a giant leap. But to be able now to integrate this optimization to Rich Media creatives, catapults us into a completely new and exciting era, where there are no limits to what you want to do."

Unifying the creation of compelling ads that are optimized in real time across all screen types, generating thousands of variants in a friendly and fast solution, raises a whole new universe of possibilities for the digital marketing ecosystem.

About GroovinAds

A team with over 10 years of experience doing e-marketing and developing business systems for the Internet in Latin America. They have a technology that combines a decision engine, a platform for creating ads and an ad server, which provides advertisers and agencies the ability to implement smart display campaigns on any network.

For more information, visit http://www.groovinads.com or @groovinads on Twitter.

About Spark Flow

Founded by a team of veterans in technology applied to digital advertising, Spark Flow is the first Latin American company to offer multi-screen rich media experiences. Spark Flow Studio is a powerful and easy to use tool to create highly attractive interactive ads , being able to be consistently distributed across all devices and platforms. Ensures functionality without errors and the best possible user experience, regardless of the traffic source.

For more information, visit http://www.sparkflow.net or @sparkflownet on Twitter.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Example Frávega

Retail Optimization Example Argentina along with Bután Agency

Intelligent banners were created for fravega.com, that, in every impression, show the best set of offers to each user, maximizing clicks and conversions.

The Bután agency developed different strategies and arrangements of elements for different segments of traffic. In each impression the agreed design is shown, according to the segment:

·(retargeting) Users who have already shown interest in a product or segment of Frávega's stock.

·(prospecting) Users who have not demonstrated their interests within Fravega.

GroovinAds was used as a technological tool to:

·         Integrate Frávega's offers feed, which is updated regularly and automatically, managing to synchronize all the offers and their information (image, title, price, landing page of the offer, and other information of segmentation) with Fravega's the website information.

·         Create design templates with the graphic elements provided by the agency.

·         Create the banners' tags.

·         In each impression, differentiate segments, choose for each segment the offer disposition and the message to be transmitted, and optimize the product selection.

It seemed important to show how the advertising agency takes advantage of technology to reduce operational load, then focusing on creativity and their advertising guidelines strategy, using new tools, which do not compete with their interests, but complement a technological need. Thus succeed in widening the horizon, and the options they can offer to their customers within their display guidelines.

With GroovinAds handling retargeting matrices, optimization, management and distribution of ads becomes a simple task.

You can create tags for almost any Network. The tag is already compliant and is obtained in a few minutes for the main Ad Servers.

For example, a tag created for Google has the following format:

<!-- Begin: GroovinAds | gdn | 300x250 js -->
<script type="text/javascript">
var grv_IdAds="4573";
var grv_width="300";
var grv_height="250";
var grv_IdAffiliate="";
var grv_pidu="%%GOOGLE_GID%%";
var OSClickTracker="%%CLICK_URL_UNESC%%";
<script type="text/javascript" src="https://ads01.groovinads.com/grv/groovinadsssl.os"></script>
<!-- End: GroovinAds | gdn | 300x250 js -->

These tags are easily obtained within the platform, and the agency inserts ads to different campaigns and Networks.

This technology facilitates the operational task for Frávega and the Agency, allowing them to focus on their creative work, because:

·         You only need 1 tag per format and network.

·         The tags are easily obtained from the interface for the list of available networks.

·         There is no need to deal with 40 different clicktrackers specifications, etc, which are embedded in the swf.

·         Any change in feed, design tracking does not alter the tags, avoiding a constant upload of new tags to the campaigns.

·         GroovinAds artificial intelligence segments users, and select the offers and designs shown in the ads in every every impression, simplifying the campaigns configuration.

The campaigns results increase thanks to GroovinAds decision engine, which uses powerful segmentation methods and continuous performance learning.

In GroovinAds we believe that bringing technology to agencies and clients we achieve the adoption of such tools, enabling greater effectiveness in both the operative and the performance aspects of publicity guidelines.

Here the possibilities of creativity go hand in hand with technology, enabling creatives to incorporate previously unthinkable and impossible to carry out variables with traditional tools. In this new world of creative optimized everything is coming and we are witnessing a good beginning.